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dog walker service
og walking service

Services & Prices:
Here are the services we provide, and what they cost.
I am sure you will find 4Paws very competitively priced, and we don't add on any extras like fuel costs or Bank Holiday fees!!
Dog Walking:
30-minute Walks:
1 dog = £7.00
2 dogs = £10.00
1 Hour Walks:
1 dog = £10.00
2 dogs = £13.00
Other combinations of walk times / number of dogs are available - please call me to find out!
Dog Visiting:
Shorter visits to feed or comfort your dog(s) or to let them into their garden for a short time. Ideal if you are out for longer than usual, or if you have a dog (or puppy) that cannot have full walks.
15-minute visit = £5.00    30-minute visit = £7.00